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Perpetrator: Kringbaum, Arthur - Mormon
Troop & Location: Ore-Ida Council 106 - Troop 330, and Order of the Arrow
Years in BSA: Put in the IV Files in 1974


In 1974 at Camp Tapawingo, performed homosexual acts on a scout.

Timeline for Arthur Noel Krigbaum:

Born 7/1949

SSN Issued in Idaho

7/26/1966 Newspaper article regarding Troop 330 which indicates the Troop was an L.D.S. Church-sponsored Troop.  Scoutmaster in 1966 was Robert Nieland.
8/3/1974 Abused a Scout from Troop 330 of Weiser, Idaho at Camp Tapawingo.
8/4/1976 Scoutmaster of Troop 330 and Camp Tapawingo Director  wrote a letter “To whom it may concern” regarding the allegations by a Scout from Troop 330.  Letter also indicates Krigbaum is registered with Troop 49 of Boise, Idaho.
8/13/1974 Letter from Ronald Bromley, Field Director to BSA Registration and Fulfillment transmitting the August 4, 1986 letter and explaining Mr. Krigbaum is a “very slow individual” and that he is “quite active with a local scout troop, registered as an assistant scoutmaster.”  The letter also states, “Mr. Krigbaum is also quite active with our Order of The Arrow and this of course presents a problem.”
8/23/1974 Letter from Paul Ernst to John Warnick requesting confidential record sheet.
10/17/1974 Letter from R.E. Bromley, Field Director, to Paul Ernst marked “PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL!!!” indicating the BSA has been in contact with the Scoutmaster who “insists the boy’s parents not be informed of this incident apparently for the boy’s own good.”  The letter also states, “It is unfortunate that many of our 1974 Camp Staff members know something about the incident involving Mr. Krigbaum in camp.  This knowledge has led to some rumors amongst volunteer Scouters here in the District.  We in the Council will not confirm or deny any of the rumors brought to our attention.  We will however, continue to keep a close surveillance on Arthur N. Krigbaum’s Scouting activities and notify your office of anything reported to us that can be substantiated.”   Even though Krigbaum’s file was released with the I.V. Files, he was not placed in Ineligible Volunteer status.
1993 – 2011 Many cases (mostly traffic) in Ada County, including DUI and a case in 2006 in which Krigbaum was arrested for Beer; Wine; Alcohol Age Violation Third Offense.   Default Judgment.  Drivers License suspended for failure to pay.