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Perpetrator: Pringle, Barry - Non Mormon
Troop & Location: Idaho Panhandle Council 110
Years in BSA: Put in the IV Files in 1982


A Scoutmaster. Convicted of lewd conduct with a minor(who was a Scout) in December, 1982.  Details are not public. The BSA was not included in St. Maries Gazette newspaper article 10/27/82.

Timeline for Barry Charles Pringle:

DOB:  9/16/1936

(SSN Issued in Pennsylvania in 1976)

1936 – ? Grew up and went to school in South Africa.
1982 Convicted of Lewd Conduct with a Minor Under Sixteen.  Victim was a Scout who was 14 years old.  Victim is identified in Complaint.
11/19/1982 Placed in I.V. Files.  Confidential Record Sheet indicates Pringle is married with two children.  (At the time of Pringle’s conviction, his children were between seven and twelve years old.)  The Sheet also indicates, “The minor was a Scout, although Scouting has been kept out of the public noticies (sic).”
3/25/1983 Was accepted for supervision under the Interstate Compact Agreement (Washington and Idaho.)
2/24/1987 Violation Report indicating Pringle has not been in required treatment.  Report recommends issuance of a Bench Warrant.
4/10/1987 Report of Violation indicating Pringle has not been in required treatment.
8/1/1988 Case End Summary Report from Senior Probation and Parole Officer Barbara Purdy to Benewah County Judge Richard Magnuson detailing Pringle’s probation violations and history of abuse.  Report states, “He also prepared a sexual autobiography for the treatment program, which he also presented to me, which discusses offenses against minor males – going back to when he was 32 years of age.”  (1968)  In addition, the report states, “…Mr. Wolff (sic) describes ‘Mr. Pringle as a “chronic sexual offender with offenses going back at least 15 years.’  He states that this man has been very predatory and has set up vocational and avocational aspects of his life to service his deviancy.”
Current On staff at the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce International College.  Website indicates Pringle obtained his M.A. In Education and ESL and the University of Washington.