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Perpetrator: Bowen, Douglas R. - Mormon
Troop & Location: Boise LDS Boy Scout Troop
Years in BSA: No IV File Late 70's Early 80's


Accused of sexual abuse in the 1970′s. Bowen arrested in 1997 for attempted sexual abuse of a Scout, Deseret News AP story 12/16/97. Registered sex offender – Utah. Convicted of Attempted Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child in September, 1997.

Timeline for Douglas Ray Bowen:

DOB:  4/1950 (SSN Issued in California)  
Late 1970’s May have abused several Scouts, including two brothers, in Boise.
1982 LDS Bishop called brothers into his office and asked if they had been molested by Bowen, which at least one brother denied.  Bowen was allegedly kicked out of LDS ward in Boise and rumored to have moved to Oregon and was possibly working for the Ore-Ida Council.
1974 Authored Creative Campfires, which was published by Thorne Printing Co., Inc. in Nampa, Idaho.  The book is “Dedicated to the hundreds of Scouts of the Cache Valley, Redwood Area, and Ore-Ida Councils who provided the inspiration for this book by coming to summer camp and responding so enthusiastically to the campfire programs.”  Book is currently recommended on various Troop websites and is available in Scout Shops and Scout-related sites on the web.
March 1987 Had a P.O. Box in Price, Utah.
1987-1990 Lived in Buena Park, California and Los Angeles, California.  (No court records in Orange County or Los Angeles County.)
1990 – Present St. George, Utah.
Fall 1997 Arrested and Convicted of Attempted Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child, Iron County, Utah.  The victim was a Scout and the abuse occurred on or about March 7, 1997 on a scouting excursion.  Spent six months in the Iron County Jail and then placed on two years of probation.  Released from probation in 1999.  Was a registered sex offender, but no longer registered.
Current Mormon.  Married and lives in St. George, Utah.  Has three to four children, ages 21 to 30 years old.  Has at least one grandson who was born in July 2011.