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Jeffrey Lee Hardin
Perpetrator: Hardin, Jeff - Mormon
Troop & Location: Grand Teton Council - Camp Little Lemhi, Chubbuck, ID
Years in BSA: No IV File, Scouting 1990-1991


1990 hired at the camp, befriends scout, molests him at the scouts home. Convicted of Lewd Conduct with a Minor in October, 1991. Post Register – Zuckerman

Evidence of LDS Knowledge:

Sept. 1991 confessed to LDS Bishop. Post Register Article – Peter Zuckerman

Jeff Hardin in the News:


Timeline for Jeffrey Lee Hardin:

Born 7/2/1965 (SSN Issued in Idaho)
August to April 1987 Hardin attends Ricks College in Rexburg to pursue a degree in counseling.  (Post-Register.)
1990 Waterfront instructor for Camp Little Lemhi – Teton Council
April 1991 Hardin marries.
9/9/91 Hardin molests a Scout he befriended at Camp Little Lemhi.  He visited the Scout at the Scout’s home, and molested him there.
9/91 Scout says he was molested by Hardin too many times to count between 1990-1991.  (This is a quote from Peter Zuckerman’s article in the Post Register in 2005.  Not sure of the accuracy of this statement, as there is nothing in the Police Report or documents obtained from the court that indicate Scout had previously been molested by Hardin.)
9/91 Jeff Hardin confesses to his LDS Bishop, and the Bishop notifies Health and Welfare.
9/91 Police Report indicates Hardin was the “Scoutmaster” and also an “Assistant Varsity Leader in the 34th Ward Scouts.”
9/91 Hardin is arrested and convicted of  Lewd Conduct with a Child Under 16.  He served six years probation.  Upon completion of his probation, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.
1993 “Judith Stowell, mother of Brad Stowell, joins Grand Teton Council Executive Board after 14 years as a Cub Scout leader.  She later affirms that Hardin’s molestations were “public knowledge.” 
Current Registered Sex Offender.  Jeff Hardin is a licensed Pharmacist.