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Jim Schmidt
Perpetrator: Schmidt, James - Mormon
Place: ,
Troop & Location: Troop 228 - Caldwell, Troop 200 - Wilder, Ore-Ida Council 106
Years in BSA: Put in IV Files in 1983, Scouting from 1977-1983


Convicted of Lewd Conduct with a Minor in February, 1983 in Idaho, and again in October, 1996 in Maryland. Accused of molesting scouts in the 1970′s and 1980′s


Evidence of LDS Knowledge:

5/13/81 – LTR
Conf 009213/IV File

Timeline for James Philip Schmidt:

Born 11/24/1944SSN Issued in Idaho
1960’s through 1983 Lived and worked in the Caldwell-Nampa-Boise area.
Summer, 1977 Molested Scout at scout camp.
6/19/79 Mother of Scout reports abuse to Rex Black, Ore-Ida Council Executive
7/20/79 Rex Black confronts Schmidt.  Schmidt says accusations were two years ago and that he did not do it.  Schmidt agreed to stay away from camp, but wanted to continue with his “own” unit.
9/18/79 Rex Black notifies Vern Dunn, associate director of BSA of the accusations made toward Schmidt.
5/12/81 Rex Black was notified by the LDS Stake President, Jerry Hess, that Schmidt had been involved in “homosexual” activities, but he did not want to remove him from church because of his mental problems, and decided not to send Schmidt to “church court”. Conf 009213
5/12/81 Rex Black acknowledged that Schmidt was still active in scouting despite being told to stay away in July, 1979.
7/2/81 Rex Black received the IV File record sheet from Paul Ernst, BSA Registration.
10/12/81 Rex Black received a second request for the form from Paul Ernst.
1982 Schmidt was registered as Scouting Coordinator for Troop 228, Caldwell Methodist Church. Conf 009202
2/18/82  Rex Black sent a letter to Paul Ernst requesting that Schmidt not be put in the IV Files.
2/25/83 Schmidt arrested for lewd conduct with a boy on a Cub Scout camping trip.
3/17/83 Schmidt finally put in the IV Files.
6/1983 Received suspended sentence and sent to Maryland for treatment.  (Idaho Statesman)
10/7/1996 Convicted of Sex Abuse of a Minor in Maryland.
Current Registered Sex Offender.