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Perpetrator: Arnold, Larren - Mormon
Troop & Location: Grand Teton Council-Tendoy Area, Ore-Ida Council 106
Years in BSA: Put in IV Files in 1991, Scouting from 1963-1989


Accused of molesting scouts in the 1960′s, 70′s and 80′s. Convicted of Lewd Conduct with a Minor in October, 1984

Evidence of LDS Knowledge:

Fall of 1964 per the deposition of Richard White in the case of Tom Doe v LDS/BSA #2:08-cv-371-SU taken 1/7/09

Timeline for Larren Bybee Arnold:

DOB:  8/30/1935SSN Issued in Idaho  
Fall, 1964 Molested Scout (s) Nampa LDS Troop
Fall, 1964 Father of scout reports abuse to LDS Bishop Hales, who was also the Scout Executive for Ore-Ida Council.  The father followed up with the Bishop and was told that it was being taken care of.  Nothing was ever done, and Larren Arnold remained active for 20 years.
Fall, 1984 Arrested for Lewd Conduct with a Minor Under Sixteen (molested a nine year-old boy) in Bannock County.  Pled guilty and convicted.  Received a five year suspended sentence and three years of probation.  His probation terms included not having any association with children except while in the company of another adult and/or adults.  He was released from probation on June 1, 1988.
1985 Moved to Pocatello per letter from Kim Hansen.  Had been active in the Ore-Ida Council until that time.
11/14/89 Letter from Paul Ernst to Hart Bullock of the Great Salt Lake Council inquiring about the child sex molestation charges on Arnold.
2/15/90 Second request sent to Great Salt Lake Council.
4/5/90 Letter from Paul Ernst to Kim Hansen, Ore-Ida Council Scout Executive requesting info on Arnold.
5/31/90 Letter from Kim Hansen to Paul Ernst regarding the whereabouts of Larren Arnold.  Letter states “…Mr. Arnold’s ecclesiastical leader and had first-hand knowledge of child sexual molestation of one or more Scouts.  No charges were filed as the mother was talked out of it at the time by church leaders.”
6/12/90 Letter from Paul Ernst to Brad Allen, Scout Executive of the Grand Teton Council regarding Arnold.
9/10/90 Second request from Paul Ernst to Brad Allen for info on Arnold
1/8/91 Third request from Paul Ernst to Brad Allen for info on Arnold.
1/17/91 Larren Arnold place in the IV Files.
2008 Suit filed against BSA and Mormon church by O’Donnell, Clark & Crew.  Got moved to Idaho Federal Court and settled last fall.