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Perpetrator: Libey, Lawrence - Unknown
Troop & Location: Troop 176 Lewiston, ID
Years in BSA: No IV File, Scouting 1971-1976


Convicted of lewd conduct with a minor under 16 in June, 1987.

Timeline for Lawrence Libey:

Born 5/1911

(SSN Issued in Idaho)

9/16/1969 Scoutmaster of Troop 156, sponsored by the Lewiston Elks Lodge.  (Lewiston Morning Tribune.)
1971-1976 Abused at least one Scout that we know of.
8/14/1984 Arrested for Lewd Conduct.  No charges were filed.  (Lewiston Police Ledger.)
1987 Convicted in Nez Perce County for Lewd Conduct with a Child Under 16.  Bragged to one of his victims that he had not been caught.
8/15/1999 Date of Death.  Nez Perce, Idaho