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Perpetrator: Elliott, Robert - Non Mormon
Troop & Location: Ore-Ida Council 106, Troop 7
Years in BSA: Put in IV Files in 1971, Scouting from 1969-1971


1969 had boy scouts to his home and molested them, Scouts kicked him out. Tried several times to register after that but was denied.

Timeline for Robert Francis Elliott:

DOB:  6/26/1946 (SSN Issued in Michigan)  
1965 Graduated from Taylor High School, Taylor, Michigan
1966 University of Colorado, Denver Extension (according to resume)
1966 Cathedral of the Rockies (Methodist) Educational Techniques in Religion (according to resume)
1966 Enlisted in U.S. Air Force (according to resume)
1966 12 weeks advanced electronics, 32 weeks still motion picture photography, United States Air Force Institute, Degree in Educational Communications Psychology, E-5 Chaplain’s Assistant Program (according to resume)
1967-1969 University of Bangkok, Thailand (according to resume)
1967/1968 Editor for Scouting for Boys, Bangkok Press (according to resume)
1968/1969 Formed first Thai-American Boy Scout Troop in Udorn, Thailand (Troop 1) in Thai History, and updated and rewrote the Thai Scout Handbook for the Thai government.  (according to resume)
1969 Transferred state side and discharged.
April 8, 1971 Letter from John D. Warnick, Ore-Ida Council, to Director of Registration and Fulfillment regarding Elliott’s “questionable situations involving Scouts” and “questionable relationships with Scouts…”  Mr. Warnick turned letter over to the City of Boise Police Department.
April 28, 1971 Placed in I.V. Files (signed by John D. Warnick.)
Fall of 1976 Applied for Scout leadership in Alaska.  Turned down.
February 25, 1977 Letter from W. Robert Booker, Director of Field Services, to Robert Elliott, Taylor, MI, informing Elliott that his registration with the BSA should be suspended.  In addition, Elliott was informed he “will be required to return all registration cards to the Detroit Area Council.”
1987-2013 Has lived in various locations in Michigan and Virginia.