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Perpetrator: Jenkins, Ronald - Mormon
Troop & Location: Grand Teton Council - Filer 2nd Ward
Years in BSA: No IV File, Scouting 1989-1993


Accused of molesting scouts in the 1990′s. Convicted of Lewd Conduct with a minor in April, 1996, 17 year sentence.

Timeline for Ronald Alvin Jenkins:

Born 1942
(SSN Issued in Idaho)
1966 BYU
1970’S Married and has four children.
1980’s LDS Bishopric counselor in Filer, Idaho, 2nd Ward (per victim.)
1984-1988 Molested Scout(s) on Scouting trips (per victims in court documents.)
1990 Resigned from being LDS Bishopric Counselor to become a Scoutmaster of the Filer 2nd Ward Boy Scout Troop.  Teton Council (per victim.)
1990-1993 Continually molested Scout(s) on scouting trips (per victim.)
Summer of 1991 On a church overnight camping trip Jenkins asked victim if he could see his penis.  Another time, victim was being interviewed by Jenkins as part of church-conducted interviews with children to see if they were in need of adult guidance.   Jenkins sexually abused victim.  Jenkins abused victims at least two more times at victim’s house and at Jenkins’ house.  Another incident occurred on an LDS church camp.  Other incidents happened on a motorcycle trip and on a camping trip.  Jenkins told the victim to victim’s older brother.  Victim met Jenkins through Scouts.  (1995 Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Report.)
1993 Scout’s parent found out.  It is unknown when or if the LDS church or the BSA ever notified of the molestation.  Law enforcement involved (per victim.) 
1994 (and earlier) Abused several brothers in a family, per statement. (1995 Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Report.)
Fall 1994 Quit teaching job at Filer High School.  (Spokesman-Review.)
10/27/1994 Wife filed for divorce.  Decree of Divorce Issued 12/07/1994.
3/30/1995 Investigation by Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.
1995 Charged in several counties for Lewd Conduct with a Child Under 16.
1996 Convicted in Twin Falls County and Franklin County in 1996.
Current Has been incarcerated ever since his conviction.